Government of Gujarat 3 or four days lockdown thinking

Government of Gujarat Weekend Lockdown

The case of the original Corona sign goes on hymns. The recovery rate of the state corona has also come down to 93.81 percent. Sankranti Alert has announced global lockdown in Tapi, Valsad, Kadi, Jamnagar, Anand-Kheda, Morbi, various Bajawar Nagaro of Dahod, and different places. On the other hand, even in cities, night curfew, effective trouble on business, trade association believes Corona’s control, now is the weekend lockdown Ladino, control can be overcome, with the Indian Medical Association writing a major narcissism. Eyed lockdown appeals can be made.

Letter from the IMA to the Prime Minister regarding the lockdown : 

 In a letter to Prime Minister Modi, the Indian Medical Association said the vaccine was currently the only way to control coronary heart disease. In a letter, the association asked the government to set up vaccine centers everywhere in the state to provide walk-in vaccines. Private hospitals, clinics, large hospitals and all doctors should be allowed to vaccinate. Covid Taskforce should be formed in each district to facilitate vaccination in the state so that vaccination can be done properly.



Saturday-Sunday curfew in Gujarat :

 Most of the associations in Gujarat believe that trade and business had collapsed financially and mentally due to the earlier lockdown. In the second wave of the corona, the government has changed the timing of the night curfew, which has proved to be economically detrimental to business, especially the hotel-restaurant industry has been adversely affected by the night curfew. Officials from various associations have even suggested to the government that the city should be given a five-day curfew on Saturday-Sunday, i.e. a curfew from 11.00 pm on Friday night to 6.00 am on Monday morning so that the corona can be relaxed and its cycle broken. Could.

7 important decisions : 

  1. order to ensure an adequate supply of oxygen for the treatment of 1 crore infections, the oxygen producers of the state will have to provide 50% of their supply to the health sector.i
  2. COVId Care Centers with 200-200 beds will be started in 2 major metros of the state
  3. 8 IAS-IFS officers have been assigned special responsibilities.
  4. Private Nursing Home-Clinics will be able to start Dedicated Covid Health Center and Dedicated Covid Care Center without ICU or Ventilator facility.
  5.  maximum of Rs. Two thousand – and a maximum daily charge of Rs.
  6.  Civil Hospital Sola-SVP. Hospital Ahmedabad as well as Gujarat Cancer Society and Nagari and L.G. In the next three to five days, remedicavir injection corona will be made available in hospitals on a no-profit no-loss basis.
  7. the coming days, triple-layer masks from all APMCs and Amul Parlors in the state will be available to the citizens at a price of Rs

Government of Gujarat 3 or four days lockdown thinking

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